COVID-19: You will not be able to enter the experience if they are unwell, have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in a declared COVID-19 hotspot in the past 14 days. We have the right to refuse service and must insist that anyone with these symptoms will not be able to participate. 

Please note: the minimum age for the Daintree tour is 4 years of age. 

Bus Transfers from Cairns, Palm Cove & Cairns Northern Beaches are not available presently and hope to be available by September 2020. Please contact our office for further advice if you are staying at these locations. From September 2020, these transfers are at an additional cost.

Diving: There are some medical conditions and medications that may prevent you from scuba diving. If you have never scuba dived before and are wishing to participate in an Introductory Dive, a medical questionnaire is to be completed on board the vessel. Please download this form and view the Conditions and Medical Declaration if you are considering an Introductory Dive. If in any doubt, contact us in advance for advice as you may need to visit a doctor to be medically assessed before your day of travel. The minimum age for Introductory Diving is 12 years.

Note: if booking for the next day, please note bookings via the website are available up to 5pm the day before subject to availability. Please call our office after 5pm on 07 40 996 999 if wanting to book for the next day.

Christmas Day Bookings: 1. Cairns & Northern Beach Transfers are not available on Christmas Day. 2. Diving is not available on Christmas Day.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: Due to fraudulent credit card transactions you are required to produce the credit card used to purchase your tour for verification at check-in. The carrier reserves the right to deny boarding, or collect a guarantee payment (in cash or a new credit card) should the cardholder fail to present the physical card originally used for booking transaction

For package bookings, tours need to be on different days. 


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